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Simple And Effective Home And Commercial Security Systems:

Are They Worth It?

Protecting someones home and office is a large investment. A lot of people, however, are willing to spend money to make sure that their families, coworkers/employees, and valuables are safe. While some people may opt for elaborate security systems that tend to be expensive to purchase and to maintain, there are also some simple home alarm systems Vancouver that are available. Those on a budget might want to check these out:

1. Piper NV

The only thing a person has to pay for is the camera of the Piper NV. Featuring temperature and humidity sensors, two-way audio, and a backup battery in case of power shortage, the Piper NV is one of the very simple but effective home alarm systems around. The system can be connected to the buyerÕs mobile device (Android or iOS), can pan and zoom, and has a 180 vision range. It sends notifications if it detects anything unusual and the Vancouver home owner can sound a small alarm if he sees a burglar in its vicinity.

FrontPoint Security

A DIY system, FrontPoint is used by both home and office owners. All it needs is to be mounted near an AC outlet and the rest are wireless. The buyer can fiddle with the systemÕs settings through a computer, tablet, phone, or even the small remote that comes with the system. He can then monitor everything through any web browser. The control panel and the sensors cost $300, although there is a monthly upkeep of $43 for the central monitoring and web access of the system.

2. iSmartAlarm

Another good candidate for effective home alarm security systems is the iSmartAlarm. With no monthly fees, the entire package includes door, window, and motion sensors, cameras, and a WiFi hub with a siren. The drawbacks to this is that video resolution is very low (640x480 pixels) and that the system itself has no back up battery power. The premium package for the iSmartAlarm costs $349 and a person can just simply buy more cameras or add-ons if they so wish.

3. RedCloud Express

This is not exactly fit for retail stores. The RedCloud Express is more usable for office spaces and warehouses as it focuses more on controlling a personÕs access. The owner installs this when he wants to keep track of his employees or if he wants only authorized personnel to enter a certain part of the office. The RedCloud system is operated by the owner alone through a tablet, PC, or phone. However, this means that the police will not be notified if something happens.

The package includes sensors, ID readers, cameras, and alarms. The sophistication of the system makes it the most expensive out of the home alarm systems Vancouver in this list. The cheapest model costs $1200-$2000.


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