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Why Installing A Smart Home Lighting Can Save You Money

With the innovation of smart lighting, searching for switches and setting the mood is behind us now. It's obvious this new and better method of lighting your home makes life simpler, but after reading this blog, you will be surprised at what you will learn.

Here are six ways Why Installing a Smart Lighting enhances your health:

1. Less accidents Over 700,000 cases of hospitalizations take place each year due to a fall and 20% of which happens with bad light conditions, and nighttime! With smart home lighting, preventing late night collisions and falls when going outside, especially using a staircase is one of its real benefits. The smart lighting gives you total control all over your home's lighting, meaning you program your lighting once, and it stays automatic.

Imagine the 140,000 accidents that might have been avoided with a touch of your hand?

2. Lowered stress and anxiety

You do not need to STRESS if you are not sure if you forgot to switch your light when going outside. Not in this life, smart lighting enables you to be continuously connected to your home so you can inspect if your lights are on from throughout the world!

REDUCE ANXIETY from the security and safety the smart automation brings. Imagine not worrying about thieves, squatters, fires, and that your house may burn.

3. Start the day much better

The program lighting scene is a sleeping technique to prolong or shorten your sleeping habit. It can give you an "artificial dawn" as a way to mimic the rising of the sun right in your bedroom that leads to having a more relaxed mood in the morning.

The Science supports this method of getting up as causing a more energized day, due in part to its effects on stabilizing cortisol and melatonin levels inside your body.

4. Let there be Multi - Colored Lights

Change the level of brightness and change different colors are playful, one way to be happy. Super bright lights make the anxiety even worse. There are research studies which found that strong ambient light seems to heighten feelings, i.e., delighted subjects felt happier while unfortunate topics felt even sadder. In contrast, dimmer lighting appeared to pave the way to a calmer, more logical frame of mind.

What sounds more calming than unwinding after work in an aqua blue lit room?

5. Deal with the Winter Season Blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) made it into the clinical community in recent decades and was only reported in the early 1980s. The disorder itself is due to the decrease of natural light due to the shorter days and less intense sun of the winter season. The absence of sunlight can develop in some people significant anxiety, altered body clock (the body's day/night cycle), as well as interfered with hormonal patterns. So if you've always felt a wave of substantial and long-depression come on with those gray months, you may wish to do some research on SAD or talk to your doctor.

The most commonly accepted and made use of treatment of the disorder is "light treatment." This includes "everyday direct exposure to a box containing fluorescent lights during the symptomatic months," with the optimum dose being 10,000 lux of the full spectrum or cool white fluorescent light.

While light boxes' rise in popularity has inspired a huge series of designs, certain smart bulb producers have begun concentrating on supplying full spectrum light as well.

6. Save the environment

Smart lighting technology contributes to the worldwide effort of lowering our ecological trail. Using energy-efficient light bulbs in your home implies we have to burn less nonrenewable fuel sources, which eventually equates to less toxic gas emission. When it pertains to energy usage, light bulbs have come a powerful long method from the incandescent bulbs of the past.

LED components have 50,000 hours lifetime which, if used for 12 hours a day, would last more than 11 years. Standard incandescents has around 2,000 hours or less than half a year.

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