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Privacy Fencing

If you are looking for a great way to reduce the pollution of noise, have strong winds buffered, limit the view of your familys activities or lastly, to deter intruders then a privacy fence may be the best option for you.

You may be wondering, why I should get a privacy fence; here are a few simple reasons. This is the fence that many pet owners prefer because animals cant fit between the spacing in the bars because there is no spacing and its height is from six to eight feet tall. With your fence being between 6 and 8 feet tall that will prevent your bigger dog from being able to escape.

Most people with families are interested in this gate because of the protection it offers to family by keeping them somewhat secluded. It is not completely secure because nothing is really 100%; however, anyone that tries to get over this fence will automatically look suspicious because of the height of this fence. Your smaller children will not be able to wander away from home because of the privacy fence keeping them secure. There are so many different designs that you can get in order to get different levels of security. Lattice or negative arches are what is suggested if you want the visibility to be acceptable and another alternative to those two fences are the shadow box fence.

If your home is near a busy street, freeway or something of that sort then a privacy fence is an option for you because it causes noise to be reduced. If you are fortunate enough to have a fence that is designed well then you can protect your yard from strong winds. Fences that have some open spaces in it like the shadow box fence are able to slow down and in some cases redirect the wind.

When you are choosing the right material to use for your fence, wood is a popular choice when choosing a material for a privacy fence. Wood ages and weathers different than most other materials because it is natural and it depends on the climate that you live in. Always ask a professional or do your research to find which wood has the ability to last longer because of its strength. Wood fences of any kind need a bit more maintenance than other fences so, if that is too much of a commitment for you then you might want to look into getting a composite or vinyl privacy fence. Vinyl and composite are able to be placed in yards that arent regular and that might have slopes; these materials are able to accommodate.

Before you decide to have a privacy fence installed you can find out what the rules are about whether you can have one or not which is up to your HOA if your neighborhood is governed by them. This fence can be an added asset to your home by adding value to your property and if it is not installed properly or if it doesnt compliment your property it can have an adverse effect by decreasing the value of your home.

Some areas are supposed to have a permit to build any fence on their property so, make sure that if you need a permit that you get it because otherwise, you will need to pay a fine or have the fence removed.


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