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How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner At Home

Knowing the tricks of serving your own AC forms an important part of air conditioner maintenance. They are very easy steps that you can take in order to make sure your air conditioner remains in good condition in order to get the best service out of it. Before you have to call an air conditioner contractor to your house to check your AC, you can follow the following simple steps and soon enough, your AC will be in good condition.

Before you begin any work on your air conditioner, it is very important that you first plug it out from the power plug. Make sure that the conditioner is properly disconnected from the unit and then begin a diagnostic and maintenance routine

You can then have a look at the AC filter and remove it if possible. A careful inspection will involve checking whether there is an accumulation of dirt or any other elements that might prevent the filter from being effective when the AC is working.

You can use a recommended cleaner spray to clean out any debris on your ACs coil. It is very easy to find one at your hardware store or local store. Make sure to do a thorough job of removing all the dirt as well as use fabric that will not be too hard on the coils. When using the spray, take care that the spray only gets on the coil and not on other parts of the AC

The filter must be cleaned and especially if you notice hard dirt stuck on it. Use clean water to wash out the dirt and other stuff that will have accumulated on the filter. If its too dirty, you can soak it for a bit and make sure its clean and completely dry before re-attaching it to your AC.

After you have done a thorough cleaning of the coils and filter, you can replace the cover plus the filter and then turn on the AC to check that nothing has been interfered with. Start with the thermostat set to cold so that the coils and the filter can get a more thorough cleaning when the condensed air passes through them.

If you discover that the AC is not producing cold air, you might have to turn it off again and make sure you have cleaned the coils well. Before you turn it back on, make sure that the coils are dry. If this doesnt produce the desired effect, you can consider calling an AC contractor as the AC could be having a more complex issue

Once you have cleaned and tested the coils inside the AC, turn off the power and check on the outside coils. If they are dirty or are full of grit, make sure to clean them out with a recommended cleaner that will not interfere with their working. Afterward, you can reconnect the power and turn the AC on. If your AC fails to start running, turn it off and check that everything has been returned in their right place. You can then turn on and if it does not work, you can call a contractor to come have a look at it.


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