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Carpet Cleaning Myths

Most of the time what we hear about finishing up a certain task contains some information that is true. To clean your carpet as properly as possible it is important to ignore common myths that might actually affect the quality of your carpets cleaning. If you understand these myths it will be allow you to take better care of your carpets needs.

You shouldnt wait until your carpet is dirty! Check your carpets manufacturer for a schedule of how often you should vacuum or professionally clean your carpet. It is not a good idea to wait until the carpet looks dirty before you start your cleaning efforts. Waiting can actually damage your carpet because the longer you wait the dust and dirt will start to cut away at your carpets fibers. Waiting to clean the carpet can also affect the health of your family. A square foot of normal nylon from wall to wall carpeting can hold more than a pound of dirt, dust and allergens and this growing pile of dirt can be particularly hard to see with tan and brown carpeting.

Dont let your carpet get too wet. For the most part, carpets and lots of moisture do not get along at all. That is why carpet manufacturers do not recommend carpet shampoo machines. The shampoo machines allow the carpeting to become too wet, and if it is not dried the correct way, the moisture can lead to mold and fungus that can potentially spread from one part of your home to the other. Carpet manufacturers instead, recommend that you get a professional cleaning treatment, usually about once a year, and that involves a water extraction machine. The water extraction machine is often confused for a steam machine, but the extraction machine limits the amount of water that is sent onto the carpet and can then pull all the water out after a thorough, deep cleaning of the carpet is finished.

Never relay on carpet protectants. A scotch guard and other protective coatings are put down on your carpeting as a purchase incentive and are only meant to ass a level of protection to your carpet. Stains can still damage the carpeting even with the protective coating on the carpet; it just wont soak through as quickly and should be addressed with no delay. It is important to address stains as soon as they occur because the protective coating on the carpeting will generally only delay the absorption of the stains into the carpet. First you will need a paper towel and a newspaper to put on top in order to soak up as much of the stain as possible. Then, combine a mixture of white vinegar and water and lightly brush the area, once again using the paper towels and newspaper to blot the moisture in the carpet.


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