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Ask The Pros How To Hire Movers

Reasons for Hiring Movers

1. Knowledge of Local Traffic

When you move to a new locality, chances are that you are not very aware of the traffic flow of the region. Hiring Movers would know the pattern of traffic in near location that you go,as would know the traffic regulations of the respective region.

2. Cost Effective

When you try to do the moving yourself, along with the time consumed, you also end up spending more than you had bargained for. The cost of the packaging and the transport add up to phenomenal figures. Therefore, hiring a moving company saves you on both the time and the money. 

Five Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring Movers

1. Not Talking To Several Movers Before Hiring

Talk to more than one packers and movers before you finalize. You don't hire movers packers regularly and so you don't have any idea of the charges. Unless you talk to at least a couple of moving companies, it's not possible to get an idea of the fair cost. Its always worth it to talk to three or four packers and movers, before finalizing.

2. Giving too much priority to the lowest price estimate:

While selecting a movers and packers, pricing should be one of the criteria, but should not be the only option that you have.

3. Don't go by what the Movers say, do your own research.

You don't have to believe everything that they say or have mentioned in their brochures or in emails. Do a little bit of research like check Packers review of movers, ask for a few references of the client they have served recently, verify their feedback.

4. Not asking right questions.

There are a few questions that you must ask a moving company before selecting or booking them. Like are they offering you door-to-door services? Do they have their own branch network at both the source and destination? Are they offering Insurance? Is there any hidden cost involved that is not mentioned?

5. Not negotiating and asking for add-on services

Another advantage of talking to three four moving companies is, you can show them the estimates that you received from the other company. Show them how another moving company is offering a better deal. Ask whether warehousing for a couple of days if required? They usually offer these services and are willing to compete with fellow movers and packers.Hiring movers is a good idea but should be done at the best level.


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